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What to do in Puerto Viejo

Puerto viejo is located in the southeast from Costa Rica, idyllically next to the caribbean sea. Blue water, one beach after another, palm trees, happy hour all night long, reggae music all day long and summer all year long.

It might be a small town, but still has a lot to offer. What I especially like is that it is so varied. Puerto Viejo is a beautiful destination for a family-vacation, it is perfect for backpackers and it is the spot for surfing and outdoor activities. There is a reason why so many people never came back from their vacation and just moved to Puerto Viejo...

The other day I went for a morning stroll and found this little but really cute farmers market. They have fresh local fruits and vegetables, but also self-made pastry, costa rican coffee, organic cosmetics and wonderful jewelry. The market starts at 6:30 and goes until 11:30.

I got myself a tasty Costa Rican Coffee and two Avocados. Definitely worth going!

TO DO LIST for Puerto Viejo

1. rent a bike and explore the neighborhood

2. take a surfing class

3. check out the farmers market

4. go snorkeling

5. take advantage of the ladies night

6. enjoy reggae music at the Salsa Brava Bar with

a costa rican beer

7. treat yourself with a facial or message

8. take a dance or yoga class at RocKing Js

9. go to one of the fire shows at LazyMon

10. just enjoy the ambience of LazyLoft

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