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Live Music & Nightlife - Puerto Viejo

So Puerto Viejo is known as a party town. There is something on every night and if you are female you are in luck as each night there is one bar in town that will let you drink for free for an hour or two. If you like Latin or reggae influenced music you are in luck my friends as those genres are in abundance. I am from the UK so I am please to report that some of the DJ's play reggae with bass licks similar to our drum and bass artists in the UK - Shy FX Style. If you are lucky enough to catch Christiano Can and his buddies at the Lazy Mon Jam Night you are in for a treat. You can sit on the balcony of Lazy Loft and watch these guys drop 2 hours of funky soulful hip hop and also join them on stage too if you play/rap/sing. They are kinda like Black Eyed Peas if Black Eyed Peas were are sweet jam band. Shortly after they started jammin' the balcony of Lazy Loft was full of travellers soaking up the good vibes. At one point there were 7 people on stage. Rapper, singer, bass, drums, guitar, didgeridoo and a melodica! After the jam had finished I could hear baselines drifting through the air from Salsa Brava Beach Bar. Named after the famous surf break that sits out the front. The whole crew heads over there to get down to some awesome reggae music. Yes Puerto Viejo is the town that parties...

The Boat - Night Shot

Balcony - Lazy Loft

Salsa Brava

Salsa Brava

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