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Lazy Breakfast

When the Lazy Mon Beach Bar and Restaurant opened up in 2010, the owners envisioned to create a festive scene of live music - ranging from salsa to local reggae - and late DJ nights, accompanied by a medley of delicious dishes. Fast-forward and they have brought just that to Puerto Viejo for the past 8 years, becoming one of town’s most popular destinations to eat, dance, and chill by the beach. Their menu focuses on crowd favorites – the Lazy Mon’s twist on the classic burger, loaded nachos, and savory tacos – along with tropical drinks that invite you to spend all your lazy days here.

The restaurant is now inviting Puerto Viejo to join them for lazy mornings. Exclusively for breakfast, the Lazy Mon has perfected a menu that you will want to try prior to going on your Caribbean swim next door. The options satisfy a sweet tooth (you will want the Banana Pancakes), Caribbean cravings (try the Babylon Breakfast Bowl), or a healthier disposition (cannot go wrong with the homemade Yogurt and Granola). Much of their assortments are homemade, including their coconut brioche, strawberry jam, and tamarind syrup to top the pancakes. Options can also be complemented by Batidos (or smoothies) or - as much as you need - Costa Rican Café. But the most flattering accompaniment to this breakfast meal might be the stillness of the tides and lull of the town before lunchtime.

One of their specialties I was fortunate to try, the Pinto Caribe, largely represented the typical Tico recipe of gallo pinto and fried plantains. This dish took about 5 minutes to prepare and was served, along with the pinto and plantains, with a choice of fried or scrambled eggs, sour cream, and warm homemade toast. Initially eating with a fork, I found it most delicious to serve the remaining ingredients on the homemade toast, allowing for the taste of the Caribbean in its entirety in one yummy bite.

If I could have the Lazy Mon Banana Pancakes for breakfast every day I would. The pancakes, freshly prepared, are fluffy, light, and generous. Bananas, or fresh seasonal fruit, and cinnamon are sprinkled atop the pancakes and you have the option to layer as much homemade Tamarind syrup as you like. You know before eating it that these banana pancakes are going to be some of the best you have had from its aroma. So, wake up and smell the pancakes this morning at the Lazy Mon!

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