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Hone Creek Waterfalls

Today we went to the three Hone Creek waterfalls,

They are located before the little town Bribri and not far from the more popular Bribri waterfalls.

To get there you can take the Bus from the main station in Puerto Viejo towards Sixaola, The bus usually runs every hour at 30, a ticket costs about 780 CRC, but you should tell the bus driver that you want to get off at the Bribri waterfalls, because there is no official station. After a 20 minutes bus ride surrounded by beautiful nature you have arrived.

Across the street you will see a little wooden house where you pay your 1000 CRC for the entry. They also sell platanano chips, fresh coconut water or coco-loco.

There is a pretty steep way that will lead you to the three waterfalls.

The top one is the biggest nd strongest one, but probably the best spot to go swimming, because the water is deep enough. The middle waterfalls are really pretty. I just sat on the top - enjoyed the sun and the breathtaking environment. I was surprised how quite and not touristic the atmosphere was. Some friends of mine even jumped from left rock, but I didn't feel brave enough..

The last and further down waterfall is a bit tricky to get to, because there is no actual way, You rather have to climb over stones, rocks and the water flow. The waterfall is not really strong or impressing, but I founded to be still wonderful, because the waterfall by itself consisted out of many small waterfalls and stone terraces.

We had a uncomplicated, cheap and remembrance day trip!

When you want to take the bus back home I advice to stand on the side of the street and wave your hand, since like I said there is no actual station.

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