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Cycling to Manzanillo - Lookout Point

Updated: Aug 28, 2019

I arrived at the Lazy Loft, in beautiful Puerto Viejo and spent the majority of the first day surfing super fun waves at Cocles Beach. Playa Cocles is only a short bike/walk/skateboard from the Lazy Loft. Just imagine your perfect jungle meets beach scenario. It has palm trees right to the sand and fun punchy waves to slash. Check out the surf forecast for Cocles here.

The next day the swell dropped so decided to head to the small town of Manzanillo. Manzanillo is the last stop on the road towards Panama. We cycled the 11.25km of mostly flat road in just under an hour. Manzanillo is easy to find. Just follow your nose you won’t go far wrong! You can hire Cruiser bikes from the Lazy Loft for $5 a day. The road was a made up of large stretches of untouched jungle, and beaches punctuated with interesting houses, restaurants and hotels. The jungle here is so beautiful! Trees of every size and shape and there is always chance of seeing monkeys, sloths and who knows what else in the canopy. Just listen out for the howler monkeys. They sound scary but are super cool.

We arrive at the end of the road and park our bikes. In the car park is this awesome retro car. I use my broken Spanish to find out how old it is. I think the owner said it was from 1967. The walk through the jungle was really cool and we find a look out and two beautiful beaches with almost no people on them. We spend some time chilling and enjoying the view. After an hour of exploring we begin to cycle back. I take a dip in the ocean to cool off. and jump back on the bike wet but refreshed and ready for the journey home. Half way I hear the sound of howler monkeys and stop to see them jumping around in the tree tops. A baby jumps two meters on to a super thin branch that bends under it's weight but doesn't break. I guess they know what they are doing! Click HERE to see the rest of the photos from this day trip...

Click HERE for a video and some more information on different ways to get to Manzanillo

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