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Coffee-Guide for Puerto Viejo

Costa Rica has breathtaking nature,a huge biodiversity, beautiful beaches and always summer, but they also have very delicious coffee!!

The nature gives perfect conditions for the arabic coffee bean to grow, especially in the mountain regions, where most of the beans are coming from. Since Costa Rica has only two seasons - rain and dry,

is the climate relatively always warm!

Since I personally love coffee, I thought I would try some of the Cafes in and around Puerto Viejo and give you list of my top favorites.

Come en mi case - art cafe: I got an iced Coffee, which either comes with cinnamon or chocolate in it. I choose cinnamon and enjoyed it, allthough the coffee taste wasn't so strong anymore. If you go to this place, I highly recommend to also order some food, because it is phenomenal and completely healthy and even organic!

CariBean (20 min walk) -

First of all I love the location, I felt like I am in a little treehouse in the middle of the jungle. This place is especially known for their chocolate and even offer a 3 hour chocolate tour with some chocolate testing in the end. I got a Cafe rio, which cost 1500 CRC, It was refreshing, awakening and tasty. I almost ordered a second one

Cafe Rico - This hidden and enchanted Cafe is only a two minutes walk from Lazy Loft. It is not only a Cafe, you can also rent Bikes, swop or buy books and turn in your laundry. The iced coffee here was good, but also more expensive then in all the other places - 2000 CRC. The ambiance made it worth it! You can sit under a tree, enjoy your refreshing coffee and look through the books.

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